I3A-LAQV (Food & Water Science – Green Chemistry Laboratory) I3A-LAQV (Food & Water Science – Green Chemistry Laboratory)

Olivia Maria de Castro Pinho is Full Professor at University of Porto - Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science and researcher at LAQV/REQUIMTE.

Expertise: Development and optimization of chemical and biochemical methodologies to be applied to nutrients analyses. Food Safety. Improvement of food manufacturing processes and cooking to promote consumer’s health. Sensorial parameters related with food colour and taste. As nutritionist she has also experience in studies related with food consumption habits.

H-Index 23, published 68 indexed articles and 2 patents. Supervised 6 PhD thesis, 6 MsD thesis.

Orcid: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-9477-8638

Email: oliviapinho@fcna.up.pt