I3A-LAQV (Food & Water Science – Green Chemistry Laboratory) FOODinteract Research Team (I3A-LAQV)


The project DIETIMPACT aims to apply a foodomics approach using in vitro cell assays to understand the impact of healthy foods when integrated in a whole unhealthy WD meal model. For that, the impact of the food replacements on nutrients bioaccessibility, on oxidative damage, on inflammation, on adipogenesis and at the transcriptome level will be evaluated.

Expected outcomes

● Impact of the different meal models on nutritional composition and nutrients bioaccessibility.

● Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-adipogenic effects.

● Differential gene expression to predict effects over CNCD.

● A foodomics approach of nutritional and bioactivity interpretation.

● Guidelines for health improvements of the global diet.


PI: Isabel M.P.L.V.O. Ferreira

Co-PI: Miguel Faria

Susana Casal

Olívia Pinho

Olga Viegas

Armindo Melo

Edgar Pinto

Madalena Sobral

Mafalda Ribeiro

Marta Silva

Eulália Mendes

Julio Machado